Our Services

We provide everything your organization needs to meet PQRS requirements by reporting through a QCDR. From data collection to data submission, we will guide you and provide you with the tools you need. Simple, efficient, cost effective…..whether you are an individual user, a practice leader or a QCDR manager, we have tools and services that are available to assist you.

Data Collection for Providers

QCDRapp is a suite of products that make the collection, analysis and reporting of data as easy as possible. Providers can use our data collection tool on a variety of mobile devices including smart phones, laptops or iPads. The intelligence built into our system will make sure that providers never answer any more questions than is absolutely necessary to meet PQRS requirements thereby minimizing their workload and any potential distraction from their patient care duties. They can also check on their own reporting status at any time using our online reporting system.

Administrative and Reporting Services

Practice administrators and physician leaders can use the QCDRapp web site to enroll their providers, select the QCDR measures they want their organization to collect, and they can check on the reporting status of each provider at any time. Intelligence also ensures that the measures selected by practice leaders meet the CMS requirements of at least 9 measures covering three NQS domains and at least two outcome measures. Our automated system will give real time feedback when the measures are selected during the sign up process and will confirm when your selections meet all of the required criteria.

QCDR Services

If you are an anesthesia provider or a practice leader, we can assist you with participation in any QCDR that you choose. Insight is able to assist you with selecting the QCDR that best meets your needs, assess what will be required to get you connected, and then provide you with the necessary tools and expertise to get you going!

QCDR Assistance

Insight provides all of the technical services necessary for operating a QCDR, including data collection tools, database hosting, online reports, data validation, risk adjustment, and QCDR reporting through the CMS portal. If you currently run a QA database or a QCDR, we can provide assistance with any of your technical problems. If you are not sure where to begin, call us. We provide consulting services and will be happy to suggest customized solutions that meet your needs.